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This is the Philosophy of John Marcus.

            I, John Marcus perform services as contracted by Contractors or Customers. I believe in hard work and performing a service to the best of my ability with quality and value. If I provide a service to a Contractor or Customer and believe I conscientiously have not performed to a standard of hard work, I will charge accordingly. As a Sub-Contractor I receive phone calls or  have other projects for other Contractors or Customers which I may have to do during a day, I do not charge for other work which does not pertain to a project which I have been contracted for. I do not charge Overtime Wages over forty unless we agree a project must be performed to meet Contractual Deadline. I endure all losses or profits on a contract, except what could not be foreseen, examples: injuries, new codes, buried objects not mentioned, etc. At the end of any project if I believe I have overcharged, I reimburse the cost. I will not require last payment on a project until the project is complete.

            If you believe I have been unfair or not honest in my work performed on the project, then you have a right to converse with me and we will talk about performance and work. I desire to have you as a happy Contractor or Customer, more than satisfied with the quality and performance of my work in an orderly and conscientious way.


Thank you

John Marcus

P.O. BOX 1011
Phone: 585-478-4611